In-office: Reiki session is about an hour in length.  You are fully clothed when given a treatment.   You will be on a massage table and can be covered with a sheet or blanket to keep your snuggly and warm. I like you to take your  shoes off so I can massage your feet when the session is over.  Come to my downtown Brevard office at 516 S. Caldwell Street.


In-hospital: Reiki treatment depends on the situation.  I can treat you before and after surgery, and/or while you are staying in your hospital room after surgery to assist in the healing/recovery process.


In-home: Reiki treatment can be arranged for you, a family member or friend in your home.


Chemotherapy/Radiation/MRI:  You can receive Reiki while you are getting chemotherapy, or before and after radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  It helps to reduce the side effects of these treatments.  Also, if you are going to have an MRI and are nervous about being in an enclosed space, Reiki helps to reduce stress and relax you.


Nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities or retirement communities are also great places to receive Reiki.  There may be a situation in your life where some Reiki could assist in the healing process for you, a family member or friend.  Reiki is also given to Hospice patients and their families or care givers.


Pets need Reiki too.  You may have a sick or old dog or cat that could use some healing. Most pets love Reiki. Our dog “asks” us for it every day depending on his arthritis pain and the weather.......thunder storms are the worst! 


Classes  I can teach you how to do Reiki on yourself and/or others. (See Classes).  Most people who take the Reiki class learn for their own self-healing.  Classes can be arranged at any time.  Facility arrangements would be made at the time which could include my home, your home, office space, etc.  Out-of-town or out-of-state classes can also be arranged. 


Additional training that adds depth to my Reiki practice:

  • Karuna Reiki® Master                
  • Hospice Volunteer             
  • Healing Touch I and II
  • Practicing Reiki In Medical Settings     
  • Advanced Energy Healing Techniques
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy Level I                           
  • Medical Qi-Gong


Martha Gale   828-553-1782