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Anyone can learn Reiki.  It is a simple method of healing, yet profound.  In my classes there is time allowed for questions and exchanges of information - which I love.  There is always a bonding of the students in my classes and we have fun while learning.  There is also hands-on experience to learn how to do Reiki on yourself, as well as, others.  No prerequisites for taking the first level class other than a willingness to learn with an open mind and heart.

Traditionally, there are three levels of Usui Reiki training:

Level I:  In the first level, the student learns how to give Reiki to him/herself and then to others.

Level II:  The second level is learning how to use three energy symbols with the hands-on approach or at a distance. Prerequisite is proof of completing Level I Reiki.

Level III:  The third level is to become a Reiki Master Teacher where the student learns an additional symbol and apprentices with a Reiki Master Teacher for a period of time. Currently in our society, the third level of Reiki does not necessarily mean that the student has learned how to teach Reiki. It is important to check out a person’s credentials before taking a class from them to learn how long the person has taught Reiki and a bit of their background.  You will know in your heart who is the right teacher.

                                                                                                      CLASSES OFFERED





OCTOBER 3,10,17,24 -  2017


Tuesdays:   6pm-8pm  (All 4 days required)

Brevard, NC:  Blue Ridge Community College, Transylvania Campus

Call College for registration:  828-883-2520   Class size limited to 6






NOVEMBER 1, 2017 


Wednesday:  6pm-9pm  3 hour review  (One evening only)

Brevard, NC:  Blue Ridge Community College, Transylvania Campus

Call College for registration:  828-883-2520






FALL Date to be announced, 2017


Saturday: 9am-4pm

Sunday: 9am-1pm                   (Both days required)

Brevard, NC:  My home

You must have completed Reiki Level I before taking this class.  

Total Cost:  $200.00     $25.00 deposit required

Call:  828-553-1782 or email:     Subject:  Reiki II class  







Martha Gale  828-553-1782