Martha W. Gale, Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner


My life’s path is to bring healing and comfort to others.  I am a certified professional Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner.  I have practiced Reiki for over 30 years and became a Reiki Master Teacher 28 years ago.  I have assisted people suffering from stress, illness, pain and trauma.  I teach Reiki so individuals can learn to treat themselves and, if they wish, treat others.  Reiki is one of the greatest forms of unconditional love and healing I have found.  Sharing Reiki energy brings me great joy!


I have my own private Reiki practice in Brevard. In addition, I am on the team of treatment facilitators at Tapestry Residential Treatment Program for women with eating disorders.  I have taught numerous Reiki classes in 10 states and continue to teach at Blue Ridge Community College and privately, per request. I feel that I have been given a gift to help people open and creatively tap into their inner levels of awareness and spiritual resources. I do this with integrity, sensitivity and respect.  Watching people awaken to their healing potential when I teach a class is joyful!  




The questions started when I was young.  Why am I here on earth and what can I do to make a difference?  No trauma or big bang required me to ask these questions. Ever since I was young, they were just always there in the back of my mind.  I felt something more was “out there”.


When I had a near death experience in my late twenties, the “out there” became real.  Watching myself leave my body and speed to the Light, having a “conversation” with someone/something, and making a decision to return to earth was, indeed, a profound and life changing experience.


My next profound experience came during my first Reiki class. Descriptions would minimize the experience I felt deep within my being and knowingness.  That weekend I knew I would continue to learn about Reiki, become a teacher and help others to heal.  It was to be part of my life’s journey. Practicing Reiki on a daily basis on myself, treating others over a period of time and apprenticing under my Reiki Master-Teacher for several years, I earned my Reiki Master - Teacher degree in 1989.


These experiences helped me to better understand there really is more “out there” but also from within ourselves.  The Reiki vibration or pulsating energy can be enhanced and channeled for self healing and for helping others.


Before and after discovering Reiki, I worked full-time. Some of my experiences included working for a US Congressman in D.C., being a member of public school and university staffs, President and CEO of a statewide non-profit organization serving disadvantaged youth, and later serving as regional coordinator of a statewide non-profit. Integrated into my work was public speaking, training courses, as well as, serving on committees and boards of directors. I am no longer working full-time but my life continues to be rich and full.


Before moving to Brevard, my husband John (we met through Reiki and he is a massage therapist) and I had an open house Monday nights for over 10 years. Reiki practitioners gathered and we did Reiki on each other and anyone from the community who wanted a free treatment. John and I also assisted in developing a support group for HIV/AIDS individuals who were seeking complementary alternative therapies (CAM).  Later cancer patients asked to be included in the group and Reiki was one of the primary modalities used successfully.


Integrating Reiki into my everyday life as been and continues to be, an exciting and enlightening journey.  Every client or encounter with Reiki is unique.  Every client is treated with respect and compassion.  My practice has allowed me many incredible experiences with results that vary from subtle to profound.  I am reminded daily that healing can take place on many levels - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.  


My family, friends and pets are companions on my journey of life.  Sailing, reading, gardening, renovating houses, teaching, volunteering. These things keep me engaged and happy to be alive in this incredible and unpredictable world.                    


Come join me in the journey of Reiki.


Martha Gale  828-553-1782