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MARTHA W. GALE Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner



As in most things in life, Reiki must be experienced to be appreciated.  May you experience joy in your exploration of Reiki!!



Martha Gale, Reiki Master-Teacher-Practitioner, owns her own successful private practice offering Reiki healing touch as a holistic health alternative to her clients. With over 30 years of teaching and being a practitioner of Reiki, she is dedicated to providing caring treatment, open communication and support. Here are just a few things that Reiki can do as an integrative health care therapy:


  • decrease or relieve pain
  • reduce stress or anxiety
  • increase the rate of healing from surgery or trauma
  • lessen the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation
  • promote a state of well-being
  • provide a non-invasive gentle healing touch
  • learn how to do Reiki on yourself


Reiki treatments are conducted with the client fully clothed. Reiki can be performed in several venues including Martha's office, in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, retirement communities, hospice centers or in your own home. 


Reiki classes are taught by Martha at Blue Ridge Community College, in her home or office, retreat centers,etc. and upon request.





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